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Never, Ever Get Shafted When Buying a Used Car | Best Used Car Buyers Guide

Thousands of people get ripped off every day by unscrupulous traders trying to make a fast buck.

Drivers call for MOT to consider emissions of electric vehicles

As the move towards electric vehicles gathers pace and a greater focus is being placed on the charging network required, new research among UK motorists reveals that a significant proportion believe that the MOT should evolve in parallel with new technology.

‘The World’s Fastest E-Type Jaguar’ available now from Hampson Auctions

Boasting 750bhp and a top speed of over 180mph, ‘The World’s Fastest E-Type Jaguar’ (aka ‘The Beast’) dominated its class of racing throughout the ‘90s.

Over half of Brits admit to getting frisky in their car

If you have ever wondered what gets the British people’s motors running, now we know.

Saving the best ‘til last: The Lotus Elise and Exige Final Edition cars

This year marks the end of an era for Lotus Cars. As the business moves towards an exciting future as outlined in recent announcements, time is being called on production of the iconic Elise and the genre-creating Exige, after 25 and 21 years respectively.

Back to the future: ŠKODA re-imagines design icons for makeover project

ŠKODA’s design team has unveiled images of a new project that aims to give the brand’s most iconic models a dramatic makeover.