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BCA Blackbushe: Leading the Way in Automotive Auctions with Extensive Network and Unmatched Expertise

BCA Blackbushe is a prominent division of the renowned British Car Auctions (BCA) group, a leading name in the automotive auction industry. With a vast network of car auction houses, BCA facilitates the sale of over 3.5 million vehicles annually. Collaborating with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fleet operators, and dealers, BCA Auctions plays a pivotal role in the United Kingdom's automotive supply chain. This SEO overview delves into BCA Blackbushe's significance, highlighting their extensive reach and unparalleled expertise.

1. A Cornerstone of the British Car Auctions Group:
BCA Blackbushe holds a pivotal position within the esteemed British Car Auctions group. With a legacy of excellence in automotive auctions, the BCA group has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner for vehicle sales. BCA Blackbushe's operations contribute significantly to the group's overall success and reputation.

2. A Comprehensive Network of Auction Houses:
BCA Auctions boasts an extensive network of car auction houses, serving as the cornerstone of their operations. With multiple locations strategically positioned across the country, BCA provides convenient access to auctions for buyers and sellers nationwide. This vast network ensures efficient vehicle transactions and enables a seamless flow of vehicles through their auction process.

3. Partnering with Key Industry Players:
BCA Auctions collaborates closely with a wide range of industry stakeholders, including OEMs, fleet operators, and dealers. Their trusted partnerships enable BCA to handle diverse vehicle inventories, ranging from brand-new models to well-maintained fleet vehicles. By working hand-in-hand with key industry players, BCA Auctions strengthens the UK's automotive supply chain and supports the efficient movement of vehicles across the market.

4. Unparalleled Expertise in Automotive Auctions:
BCA Blackbushe's team possesses unmatched expertise in the field of automotive auctions. They combine years of industry experience with in-depth market knowledge to deliver comprehensive auction services. Whether it's conducting efficient bidding processes, providing accurate vehicle appraisals, or ensuring transparent transactions, BCA Blackbushe's auction experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and facilitating successful vehicle sales.

BCA Blackbushe, as part of the esteemed British Car Auctions group, plays a pivotal role in the UK's automotive supply chain. With a vast network of auction houses and strong partnerships with OEMs, fleet operators, and dealers, BCA Auctions enables the smooth and efficient flow of over 3.5 million vehicles annually. Their unrivaled expertise in automotive auctions ensures transparent transactions and drives the success of the UK's vehicle sales market. BCA Blackbushe's commitment to excellence positions them as a trusted and reliable partner for anyone seeking a seamless vehicle auction experience.

Services include:

✔︎ Technical and logistics for new vehicles
✔︎ Refurbishment
✔︎ Storage and logistics for the growing used sector
✔︎ Core remarketing and auction operation
✔︎ BCA offers the economies of scale and diversity of services to meet the needs of an impressive portfolio of customers.

Vehicle Remarketing

British Car Auctions UK Vehicle Remarketing division trades under the BCA brand with twenty threes 23 auction centres across the country. BCA sells vehicles at their premises on behalf of a broad mix of sellers including:

✔︎ Manufacturers (OEMs)
✔︎ Leasing companies
✔︎ Contract hire
✔︎ Dealers and vehicle buying companies
✔︎ Buyers and consumers who include car supermarkets, franchised and independent dealers, professional vehicle traders.

Car auction centers comprise physical and digital auctions and outsourced remarketing services. BCA offer a portfolio of pre and post-sale value added services including buyer funding service, BCA Partner Finance.

Automotive Services

The UK's largest transporter fleet is run by BCA Automotive and supports a diverse portfolio of long-term customers, primarily OEMs and leasing companies. BCA Automotive carry manufacturer’s vehicles from port of entry to retail dealerships to the auction facilities. BCA Logistics business is complimented by BCA Automotive and supports the entire auction operation.

Operating from premises of over 100 acres and with the capacity to handle around 100,000 vehicles a year, BCA Technical Services has extensive technical and administrative expertise in reconditioning, conversion, pre-delivery inspections, servicing, storage and onward logistics movements. This provides superb customer service to our customers including vehicle manufacturers and importers, major fleets and dealer groups.

Auction Centre Facilities

✔︎ 3 Auction Halls
✔︎ Under cover viewing for 1,000 cars
✔︎ Customer parking for 1,100 cars
✔︎ Valeting, vehicle examination and appraisal service
✔︎ Fast Food Restaurant - 350 seat restaurant

Live and On line bidding available

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00 noon

London Gatwick – Tel: (01293) 535353
London Heathrow – Tel: (0208) 759 4321
Blackbushe – Tel: (01252) 879449

Morland Lodge, The Ely, The Flats, Blackwater – Tel: (01252) 860444
The Hanover International Basingstoke London Road, Hook – Tel: (01256) 764161
Casa dei Cesari Handford Lane, Cricket Hill, Yateley – Tel: (01252) 873275
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