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gauk-bargainsHow to make a killing by buying heavily discounted goods at auction …

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It’s not just small, struggling businesses going into liquidation these days but many larger, well known names such as Stag Furnishings, who have been trading for over 100 years, London and Edinburgh Inns, Mclaren Foods Limited … The unfortunate list is growing steadily.

There are now hundreds of auction houses specializing in the disposal of company and personal assets as well as court and bailiff seizures, proceeds of crime etc. Auctioneers sell goods on behalf of insurance companies, police, local authorities, The Ministry of Defence, Government departments and a whole host of organisation’s all over the country, many of which are now on line so you can bid without being there.

gauk Auctions notifies its members by alerts, updating the auctions and catalogues daily and allows coverage of thousands of sales …

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Typical Goods: NEW and Used Laptop Computers, Desk Top Pentium 4 Computers NEW and Used Office Desking, Filing & Seating, Leather Executive Chairs, Boardroom Tables, Reception Counters, Photocopiers, Printers, NEW Go-Karts and Mini-Dirtbikes, NEW Flat Screen TVs, NEW MP3/4 Players, NEW Car Stereos, NEW Contractors Tools and Equipment. NEW Scooters 50cc to 150cc. Electrical Goods, Vehicles, Boats, Plant & Machinery, Loads and Loads more – details of which are updated daily…

Recent Featured Auction Example #1: Upon the Instructions of a Major Anglo-American Superstore and by order of the Government Bailiffs and Several Major High St PLC Companies: 14” to 60” widescreen HD ready LCD and plasma TV sets, branded names to include Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, Phillips, LG, Pioneer, Samsung and many more.

  • Brand New Home Entertainment Systems to include surround sound home theater systems, micro and midi systems, DVD recorders, HDD DVD recorders, HD freeview boxes etc. iPods and accessories, DVD digital HDD cameras, home digital movie cameras, SLR and digital zoom cameras…
  • Home Computer Systems, personal laptops, notebooks, printers, scanners, copiers, office equipment, software and PC games.
  • Home Gaming and Accessories, Nintendo DS games consoles, PSP, X Box and Playstation consoles. PS 3 accessories, assorted brand new games for PSP, X Box 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and many more.
  • Branded White Goods and Domestic Appliances, washers, dryers, washer/dryers, dishwashers, condenser dryers, fridges, freezers, fridge/freezers, American style washers and dryers and double fridge freezers etc. Branded names such as Ariston, White Knight, Jackson Creda, Hotpoint, Whirlpool, Hitachi, Samsung, and many more…
  • Branded Retail Stock. Several hundred pallets of assorted retail lines, sportswear, giftware, fancy goods, crockery, cutlery, bedding, home and office furniture, watches, jewellery etc. Brand new home furnishings, leather two and three piece suites, recliners, dining suites, flat pack furniture … plus much more.
  • Recent Featured Auction Example #2: By Order of The Ministry of Defence: Sale of vehicles including cars and motor cycles, Landrovers, HGVs, tankers, plant, forklifts, road scrapers, tractors, trailers, diggers, generators, tankers, fork lifts, armored vehicles, aircraft etc… and a whole lot more.

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Welcome to the OFFICIAL* gauk Auctions ™ website.

At GAUK™ you have easily the largest auction sales newsletter and database service of its kind in Britain (GUARANTEED), actually updated by the auction houses themselves

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We also employ a data input team whose job it is now to check all information on a regular basis.

There are almost one thousand eight hundred auctioneer’s listings in the database MAKING IT THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE OF IT’S KIND ANYWHERE IN THE UK.

Each and every listing has been manually checked for accuracy – we have checked the links and auction information and even called the auctioneers to verify that all is as it should be. The database is now the ‘definitive’ source for correct information AND IS ACCURATE. There are other auction databases springing up now and we’ve checked their information – most is out of date and the information has been sourced from other unreliable sites so the bad and out of date info is going round in circles…

All gauk Auctions information has been manually checked and verified BY A HUMAN!

So we’re delighted with the results and we hope you will be too.

Along with our long-running newsletter we’ve developed gauk Auctions Listings. The database is massive (years in compilation), nothing remotely comes close to the quality and quantity of information we provide. That’s why we’ve been at the very top of every major search engine for the last TEN years…

We’ve Developed Britain’s Most Powerful, Comprehensive, Auction Search Engine

The database can be searched by keyword if you’re looking for something specific, say, plasma tvs. The sales are organised into a searchable calendar so you can find when it’s being sold. Or if you can only attend sales on a weekend then filter all sales on a particular date, or an auction of a defined type, county or town.

There are well over 1,800 auctioneers listed, over 8,000 auctions a month, many with catalogues.

To put this in perspective, Yellow Pages list less than 100 auctioneers for the whole of the UK and ZERO auctions!

But that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg… read on to see all the features available to members:

  • Auction Lot Search Engine: Our dedicated data input team manually upload literally hundreds of catalogues a month from a huge variety of auctioneers into a searchable database so you can search out specific lots by keyword. The remainder are in easily readable PDF format.
  • We list approximately 8,000 auctions a month: Times, dates, catalogues, auctioneer information, facilities, how to get there, including google street maps so you’re never lost, viewing times, contact information (e-mail them directly from GAUK), links to their sites & a whole lot more…
  • Product Search: If a client is looking for, lets say property, or computers, they simply type this into our search facility and those auctions dealing with those items will appear
  • Auction Calendar: If a client want’s to find auctions on a specific date simply use the calendar to filter all auctions on that day
  • Latest News & Archive: The ‘Latest News’ Section is where YOU hear about the ‘Stop Press’ sales as soon as we do. We then archive each edition creating a huge resource going back several years which you can search using the ‘News Search Engine’. If an auctioneer sold what you are looking for several months ago e.g. Plasma TVs you’ll know about it, and can contact them to see if they plan to sell them again
  • Email Auctioneers: This feature allows you to e-mail all auctioneers of a specified category your requirements.
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply choose a group of auctioneers who are most likely to deal with your requirement and send a polite request to them. Depending on the area of interest you may e-mail over 100 auctioneers at the click of a mouse
  • Updated By Auctioneers: The exciting innovation introduced by GAUK™ is that auction houses across the entire country have secure access to their listing from any computer and can update listings themselves, ensuring you get up-to-the-minute information
  • Featured Government Auctions and Agencies: We list all auctioneers across the UK dealing in government stock from a myriad of government departments. We list the government agents appointed to dispose of government surplus – literally hundreds of auctions a month
  • Featured Police Auctioneers: From stolen/recovered goods, lost and found to police vehicles. We called police authorities across the UK and list the auctions they use to dispose of goods, select ‘police’ in the search to display them all
  • Featured Specialist Sales: Government Auctions – Police Auctions – Car Auctions – Liquidation Sales – Property Auctioneers – Bankrupt Stock Sales – Antique Auctions – Customs and Excise Sales – Computer Auctions – Goods seized by the Revenue, Bailiffs and Courts – Antique sales – Plant and Livestock – Plant and Machinery … In fact, absolutely anything
  • Area Search: If a client want’s to find auctions in a particular area simply use the drop down menu and filter all auctions in a county or town
  • Keyword Search: We leave in keywords from past auctions so if an auctioneer sold what you were looking for several months ago you’ll know about it, and can contact them to see if they plan to sell it again
  • Insolvency Database: Coming soon. Every month we list all UK companies in liquidation and receivership. This feature allows you to search details of all UK company liquidations, receiverships and winding-up petitions. It also allows you to search the Insolvency Practitioner’s database for their contact details. View all insolvencies before the practitioner and get links to their websites. Get in on these sales before the goods go to auction.
  • Live News: Coming soon. Brings you precisely that. Our unique spider software scours the entire web 24/7 and the millions of news pages therein for any UK Auction news. It then feeds you all that GAUK information right here in real time.You will be the first to know about any GAUK specific information AS IT HAPPENS!!!

Member Features Also Include:

  • Newsletter direct to your address: Receive the GAUK Newsletter on a regular basis
  • Get Involved in the GAUK Business Opportunity: Many GAUK members make a full time income buying and selling at auction as did some members of staff. There is a whole section in the Members’ Area devoted to sharing the excellent ‘money making tactics’ with you and teaching you how to make a full time income.
  • FAQS: A large library of reports covering a whole range of auction topics. Feel free to browse – there’s plenty of powerful, need-to-know information for you here
  • FREE Newsletter sent to you in box: ‘GAUK Insider Secrets’ keeping you informed of the very latest and upcoming sales
  • Online Auctions: We list around 80-100 online auctions of all descriptions so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to bid
  • Helpful Hints: Takes you step-by-step through the whole auction process – just what you need to know if you’re new to auctions. You’ll also find plenty of tips and tactics in here – little snippets of inside information that even seasoned auction bidders will find useful
  • Google Maps: A brilliant way to find out exactly where an auction is being held. We’ve added all auctioneer’s postcodes into Google so at the click of a mouse you’ll instantly have a printable map on screen in front of you within seconds. Just what you need to arrive and park in plenty of time!