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Dear Friend,

In just a few minutes time you'll be aware of one of the strangest, most profitable investment loopholes in existence.. And as the world is in turmoil where everyone's wealth is at stake, you'd be well advised to exploit it immediately.

This loophole is the concept of a RISK-FREE, GUARANTEED PROFIT.

It's not really even an investment - rather it's a method of plucking money out of thin air. I don't blame you for finding this concept a bit hard to digest. But the truth is this simple and laughably logical loophole exists right now...and it's absurdly overlooked by 99.9% of people who like to call themselves savvy.

Take Advantage of Business Blunders

This loophole exists because of business blunders that happen dozens of times a week.

Blunders that will allow you to make thousands of pounds literally from nothing...

My name is Joe Brice-Cohen, Managing Director of the net's definitive source for business development information. It's my job to find serious opportunities for my customers, and after the terrible events of recent months this task has become more important than ever. Which is why I was literally rendered speechless when I discovered this loophole.

Without doubt this is the greatest 'FREE MONEY OFFER' I've ever come across - one I urge you to take advantage of now!

A Recession-Proof, Legal and
Tax-Free Investment*

It's inconceivable that more people aren't taking advantage of this technique because this is a form of investment where you cannot possibly lose your money. You'll make a guaranteed profit 100% of the time,without a shadow of a doubt.

Use this technique and you'll eliminate the word loss from your vocabulary.

A full-blown recession will merely be something you read about in the papers.

There are NO Catches or Hidden
Costs When Exploiting This Loophole

As I'll explain in a moment, this technique is logical, legal and incredibly simple to use.

And let me stress again so there's no confusion...When I say your money is 100% safe and you won't risk a penny I mean it.

When I say guaranteed profits, I mean just that.

I admit, at first this concept sounds too good to be true. So in the next few minutes I'll explain it simply and in full - a hidden form of investment where you can generate a healthy second income by dedicating just a few hours a week...

Picture Yourself Placing a Bet That Always
Wins Regardless of the Outcome of the Event

This loophole occurs in the sports betting market, but whether or not you're the betting kind is meaningless. This small glitch in the system means that when you lay money down you always win, no matter what happens...

And because you can never lose, you're not betting at all - you're trading.

Let me explain... Arbitrage trading is taking advantage of the differences between markets - in this case it's the bookmaker's market on sporting events - to construct a certain profit for yourself on each and every deal you make, without the chance of ever incurring a loss. As a Sports Arbitrage Trader you will:
  •     Win regardless of the result of the event you bet on.
  •     Never lose, you won't even break even - you will always profit.
  •     Need absolutely no knowledge of the events you bet on.

That last point is crucial - you don't need an ounce of sports knowledge to use this technique.

A Difference in Bookmaker Opinion
Means a CERTAIN Profit

Bookmakers operate in an intensely competitive market and, despite what most people believe, they don't always agree on the likely outcome of an event!

All it takes is a small difference in opinion between the men who set the odds to create a fantastic opportunity for you to profit from.
Here is an example of how you could have profited from these differences in opinion, regardless of the outcome:

It's Wimbledon, the Ladies Singles Match between Player A and Player B. The compilers at Victor Chandler saw A at odds of 2/5, and the compilers at Tote saw B at 3/1.
At 2/5, the total amount to invest in A to return $100 was $71.42. Whereas at 3/1, the total amount to invest in B to return $100 was $25.
That means the total investment required to return $100 - whichever player wins - is just $96.42
A Guaranteed Risk-Free Profit of 3.58% In Less Than 90 Minutes!

The loophole exists for all nationalities - you could be betting in UK Pounds, Japanese Yen, or Russian Roubles!

You may scoff at this relatively modest profit. After all, when people win on a bet they usually make at least 15 times that amount!

Well, as I said before, this isn't betting. And unlike those people who sometimes get double their money back, you will NEVER lose.

In this case you could have backed BOTH outcomes of the event and, no matter who won, your profit was assured. So, in effect, backing the loser is equally as important as backing the winner. Now even if you don't follow tennis and, like me, have no interest in gambling, do you see the potential?

There was no possible way that you could have lost your investment.

This is a small, but beautiful 'arb'. The bookmakers call this 'under-round' . Personally, I call it 'money for nothing'.

Just Make Your Guaranteed Profit, Move on
to Your Next Trade and Do it Again!

The arb above is a small example - one that occurs dozens of times each day. Less frequently, around once or twice a fortnight, you'll come across larger arbs throwing up between 5% and 20%. And once in a while you'll really hit gold, with profits like the one I mentioned earlier - 92.5% made in a matter of days. (I'll explain exactly when that happened and other examples in a moment.)

The point is, the more you look the more opportunities for guaranteed returns you'll find.

This technique is so incredible because of its simplicity. As a Sports Arbitrage Trader you'll never suffer a market slump, you'll never pay Brokers fees and will never pay tax on your returns*.

Sounds Like a Bit of a Daydream,
Don't You Think?

The same thought crossed my mind when first approached by the writer of a sports investment newsletter. We'll call this man Mr 'X'. A touch melodramatic, I know, but for good reason.

You see, as well as writing for his investment newsletter, Mr X continues to set the odds for some of the leading bookmakers. His information, analysis and experience have made bookmakers millions of pounds over the years. They also make him a leading source of knowledge on Sports Arbitrage Trading.

After years of watching ordinary people lose out, and because your knowledge of this loophole won't affect his profits in the slightest, Mr X approached me with a way to help our customers take advantage of this little known form of 'printing money'.

My background in traditional forms of making money made me a tough person for him to convince!

Suffice to say I was highly skeptical towards his suggestion that you could make risk-free profits from gambling. But the simple facts and figures spoke for themselves, and it soon became apparent that this wasn't gambling at all.

Your Absolutely Dependable Second
Income During a Time of Crisis

We quickly decided that not only would we let you in on this money-making secret, but we would tell you as soon as possible. Because there's NEVER been a better time to reveal Mr X's remarkable technique than right now.

Lets face it, even in good times it's impossible to come across a form of investment that cannot lose.

In times of hardship, Sports Arbitrage Trading will be to your investment portfolio like water to a man in the desert.

So Mr X has put together a unique step-by-step guide with one simple purpose in mind - to enable you start earning a substantial and guaranteed second income from sports arbitrages immediately.

$2,520 Tax-free in a Month
Just by Cornering 2 Arbs a Day!

The most important thing to state at this time is that arbs are a universal, worldwide phenomenon - with the power of the Internet you can trade from anywhere in the world, in any currency, from the comfort of your own home.

The moneymaking potential from this glitch in the system speaks for itself...
Let's say you invested in just two average 3% arbs a day - that's a lazy day off for a real arbitrage trader!
A stake of $1,500 (remember, you can NEVER lose this money, it's merely a means to make profit) will return $45 each arb - $90 a day.
That's an income of $420 a week!

And remember, 3% arbs are perfectly common and happen dozens of times each day.

You could go out and find several of them RIGHT NOW.

And cornering just 2 arbs a day will take up less than an hour of your time!

A simple concept. And it's perfect.

What do YOU Need to do to Make
FREE MONEY Immediately?

Making money from this loophole is dead easy.

Let me explain by simply outlining the three steps Mr X takes to make guaranteed risk-free profits every single day...

Firstly, he monitors the odds that specific bookmakers offer on different events.

Then, he finds instances where bookmakers disagree - where one bookmaker offers different odds to another bookmaker on the same outcome.

And finally, he does a few easy sums and works out exactly how much money he needs to lay down with each bookmaker to make a small, but absolutely guaranteed profit, regardless of outcome.

Once you know these simple procedures (and you can learn them in a matter of days) you'll find the process outlined above far from time-consuming. With a little bit of practice and planning you could make over $90 in guaranteed profits trading for just 1 hour.

(Imagine the money you could generate dedicating a whole day!)

And These 'Arb' Opportunities Aren't 'One Offs'
They'll Continue to Happen Every Day - Forever

But here's a question you might ask, "Why do bookmakers make these mistakes when they know that people will remove large amounts of money from their coffers - without any risk of financial loss?"

Well, as a class you won't find a group of bigger egos than among a meeting of bookmakers. They firmly think that they know more about their sport than anyone in the world. It isn't a price they put up, but their marvelous opinion.

If that opinion differs from someone else, pride often means that they still stick to it. And so an arb is born...

Don' t get me wrong, bookmakers don' t like to lose!

That' s why it doesn't pay to draw too much attention to yourself by placing massive bets. But, as a whole, the industry couldn't care less about Sports Arbitrage Traders. If you think about it, for every bookmaker who pays out on the winning side of an arb, there is one that makes money on the losing end. And the amount of arbs out there will only increase in the future, with more and more bookmakers competing in wider markets across the world.

Arbs are here to stay, and every time one passes you by you've missed the opportunity to make money from absolutely nothing!

Don't miss another like this...

A 10% Profit Up for Grabs
6 Times in a Single Afternoon!

Because you can't hurt his profits in the slightest using his information. Even if you and Mr X were both betting on the same event with the same bookmaker, it would be highly unlikely that the bookmaker would ever cotton on that you're trading and not betting.

But if This System is SO Valuable,
Why is Mr X Spilling The Beans?

And so you have Mr X's aim - there's an almost unbelievably easy way for you to make guaranteed money, and he's going to introduce you to it.

He'll show you the exact steps to take to corner your arb and stake it correctly to realise maximum profit.

Before We Proceed, I'm Going to be Honest and
Tell You The Drawbacks of This Technique...

Firstly, if you enjoy gambling, you may find Sports Arbitrage Trading a bit frustrating, even boring! Because the fact is, there's no possibility of losing money, which can eliminate the excitement element for the average gambler altogether.

You'll soon find, though, that the real thrill is rooting out your arbs and seeing your guaranteed profits mount up before your very eyes!

The second drawback is the fact that you will never make massive amounts from each individual bet. Your profits from each trade, depending on how much you stake, will more often than not be inside the $90 to $525 range. You may make much more on some occasions (which Mr X will explain), but this is rare.

So you might miss the satisfaction of scoring a massive win. On the other hand, you'll never experience the cold, sickening self-hatred after losing hard earned cash on a failed bet.

So How Can YOU Start Making At Least $90 a Day
From This Investment Loophole Inside the Month?

In a moment, I'm going to tell you how to make this system work for you to create a handy second income in a time when most people are concerned about keeping their first. Of course, there are many people who earn their entire income from Sports Arbitrage Trading.

Just imagine waking up mid-morning as the sun creeps beneath the curtains and lights your bedroom. No trains, no motorway driving, no stress, no spending your life making money for someone else. No thanks.

But trading in sporting arbs can be anything you want it to be - a paying hobby, an occasional pursuit when you want to raise extra cash, or a solid profit-making business like any other.

Except it's a business that cannot possibly fail!

Choose How Much Money You Want to Make
and Just Make it!

It's really that simple.

There's no hidden risk or great deal of effort involved and it won't even take up large amounts of your time.

You will need a computer with Internet access to quickly access bookmakers' odds and make your arbs. An inexpensive second-hand one will do. Or you can simply use the services of an Internet cafe.

You'll also need a bit of good, old-fashioned self-discipline. You may be tempted to break the rules and alter your investment to see if you can squeeze out a bit more profit. That will mean you have a chance of incurring a loss, and as I mentioned earlier, if you follow the rules that is NOT an option.

Kick Off Your Second Income
Within The Next 4 Weeks!

To bring you into the fold and allow you to join Mr X in taking advantage of this amazing opportunity, he's packed everything he knows in to a brand new manual, 'How to Place Risk-Free bets for 100% GUARANTEED PROFITS Every Time'.

This manual will outline every single step you need to take to create a substantial second income from Sports Arbitrage Trading in a matter of weeks.

You'll learn:
  • All the tricks and tools that you need to corner and make money from the juiciest arbs. In days you'll have an in-depth knowledge of why arbs occur and how to organise your time to make hundreds of dollars a week from them.
  • EXACTLY how much money you need to stake on each side of an arb to realise the maximum risk-free profit. You'll have a simple table that will instantly calculate precisely how much you're guaranteed to win.
  • All the sports and sporting events that produce the best arbs and the key factors to look for when selecting an opportunity. A secret most Sports Arbitrage Traders don't even know - how to make fast and MASSIVE profits on wildly differing odds that are offered while an event is still in progress.
  • How to set up, run and get the best from accounts with dozens of online bookmakers. Mr X will also show you how to manage your bookmakers - so you can continue to profit from them indefinitely and go completely unnoticed.
You'll have everything you need so when you sit down for your first session of arbitrage trading, you'll do so with the knowledge of a seasoned professional at your finger-tips.

And bear in mind that most of the general public have never even heard of this investment loophole before, let alone have the information to make a substantial yearly salary from it!

PS: To make your profit calculations even quicker, I'm including an easy-staking chart that will automatically calculate your staking for every single possible arbitrage opportunity. This will be completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Consider it a gift to celebrate the start of your new and lucrative career!

Kind Regards
Joe Brice-Cohen

* Depending on state and country laws. This merely refers to income tax paid on winnings. For example in the UK you can pay tax on the bet when you place it and British laws state all winnings are tax free. In some states in the US tax is paid on winnings. You will have your own laws governing income tax due on winnings depending on where in the world you live. Generally income from gambling is tax free unless you are a professional!