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PRESS RELEASE. The World’s Most Powerful Automotive Search Engine Launched


Paul Tranter 

GAUK Motors Launch Vehicle Super Search POWERING the Most Comprehensive Cars at Auction Site in the UK

GAUK Motors, a new car auction dedicated search engine makes some bold claims suggesting ‘10%, 20% or Even a Staggering 40% off Retail’

Cars at auction are generally cheaper but until now, tracking down the auctions and keeping track of the tens of thousands of vehicles auctioned every day has been prohibitive.

Launched early in 2017, GAUK Motors proprietary software automatically monitors car auctioneers’ websites from across the country, aggregating data into one, easy to search database. The aptly named My Garage enables users to save vehicles from various auctioneers from different venues and on different dates.  

The My Garage feature is a revolutionary advancement in search technology. It allows searchers to customise the many feeds available. If someone is looking for a particular vehicle then a customised feed will constantly display just that vehicle from multiple sources in an intuitive interface. Feeds can even be customised for favourite auctioneers and even dates.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Due to launch in the coming weeks, Lot Shark is a predatory tool that will hunt down that illusive vehicle and alert users once it’s found.

GAUK Motors is a ground up rebuild of an existing GAUK Media auction aggregator website which has been providing quality information since 1999. The new software has been two years in development and although the launch focuses on car auctions, expansion to upgrade the feeds to dealer and classifieds categories is penciled in for early 2021.

Auctioneers websites are being added weekly with over thirteen thousand dealer and classified websites lined up, hundreds of thousands of cars, vans, commercials, plant & machinery and vehicles will be available to searchers. 

GAUK Motors asks: ‘Why spend hours upon hours scouring the net for your perfect vehicle when GAUK Motors can do it for you in seconds? 

Furthermore, GAUK Motors allows auctioneers and dealers the opportunity to create a free company profile and add their featured vehicles directly to the results pages. 

The new site is targeted at motor trade professionals or the private motorist, who can choose from a comprehensive list of vehicles updated hourly from more than one thousand vehicle auctions a week. 

Work also began on GAUK Motors Big Data two years ago designed to enhance the auction and sales listings and is now claimed to be ‘the most comprehensive source of vehicle specifications on the planet’. 

With statistical data and descriptions of some six hundred vehicle manufacturers from around the world, some twenty thousand makes and variants, hundreds more motorcycle manufacturers culminating in millions of data points, GAUK claims to dwarf other databases.  

GAUK Motors is an entirely new way of searching and the developers are hoping to add a new phrase to the vernacular, to ‘GAUK it’ simply meaning to search a vehicle, infact any product and find it cheaper.

With all the problems in the economy, GAUK are hoping to make it a little easier with their Car Search Engine

About GAUK
GAUK Motors has grown out of the popular Government Auctions UK website which has been providing quality information since 1999.