1972 RHD Datsun 240Z RB26DETT GTR - Painfully Beautiful Sleeper (1972)

  • Colour White
  • Mileage 94K
  • Gearbox manual
  • Fuel petrol
  • Infomation
    • Type
    • Engine Size 1.0l
    • Registration
    • MOT
    • Service History
    • Mileage 94K
    • Colour White
    • Gearbox Manual
    • Fuel Type Petrol

I have owned this car for over 15 years and am selling it now so that I can move onto something different. I am an enthusiast, not a dealer and so I cannot take your part exchange.

The condition of this car is first class in my opinion but opinions differ so its best to come and see it for yourself. This car no longer has the rear bumper overriders fitted as shown in the pics because I felt it improved the look of the car and there could be other small differences in the pics that I haven't yet noticed and so once again, viewing really is a must. I will not entertain any complaints about this car from anyone who buys it without viewing it in person.

There is no evidence of any major welding to the bodyshell. It has the original floor and original spare wheel well. It is a genuine original car and these are a very rare find anywhere in the world now. I would give it a 9/10 but as I say, you cannot rely on my opinion and so you need to come and see it and make your own judgement.

There are parts on this car that you simply cannot get anymore, it really is a special car.

The seats have been re-covered in real leather by a professional classic car upholsterer - no badly fitting do-it-yourself kit here!

Inertia reel seatbelts have been installed.

The car is complete - its got all the little bits that you don't notice when you buy a car but then subsequently find out about and that you then cannot get hold of easily or economically, if at all. For example, I knew someone who had a contact at the Pilkington Glass factory and they persuaded their contact to get the original mould out for the 240z rear screen and cast me a brand new rear windscreen in the correct colour. I believe that its the only one of its kind and the heated rear elements do work unlike the old ones that have all rubbed off on all the other cars. The internal vinyl sill covers are original Datsun ones and they are perfect. The hardboard side panels that go in the footwells are the originals and in perfect uncut condition. You can see through the rear view mirror because the silver is not all corroded etc etc.

Back in the day, when I first wanted one of these, I spent a very long time looking and researching.

The UK cars were all just bits and pieces cars - cars that had been taken apart, had huge amounts of rust cut out and were rebuilt out of bits of steel welded together plus various spare parts and bits & pieces bought off eBay. I went to see some of these cars undergoing 'restoration' and the complexity of this meant that the bits that you wouldn't see anymore when the resto was finished were horrific. Don't be fooled by a coat of shiny paint and some newly painted underseal underneath - you really can polish a turd, and I've seen it done!

Consequently, I ended up importing this rust free car myself from California. That was a high risk move as you cannot absolutely guarantee what you are going to receive and lots of so called Californian cars are really just rust buckets with the word 'California' added. My car was immaculate and owned by a fastidious military dentist who told me that it had been in his family since it was new. I fell in love with the pristine condition and the white colour against the contrast of the black rubber and blue tinted glass. Its the best colour option in my opinion and if you don't think so then you need to see it in the flesh first. On import the very first place that I took it to was a stretch limo manufacturers and I had them apply 12 litres of expensive German rust proofing oil to the inside panels and all the cavities of my new car.

Once imported, I drove it for a while and then got really hacked off with all the left hand drive issues. I was not on the right side to overtake safely, you couldn't take a car park ticket or buy a coffee from a drive-thro etc. It was even worse because the windows are manual and you have to wind them with your arm outstretched to get your MacDonald's and it hurts! So, because of all of this I got a Z specialist to undertake a right hand drive conversion for me.

To do the right hand drive conversion, you need so many parts that its only possible to do this properly if you can source a complete donor car and as you can guess there were non available - LHD donor yes but RHD donor not a prayer. I eventually managed to find one and it was very expensive to buy. It was located in Scotland and the wheels were seized up so the transport costs alone were ridiculous!

The conversion was done by drilling through the spot welds to remove the bulkeads from both cars. The new RHD bulkhead was then acid dipped, primed and welded into place through the original spot weld holes. We were lucky and it aligned perfectly first time. We dropped the bonnet and it shut first time without any adjustment. The right hand drive conversion on this car is undetectable under the bonnet other than where we seam welded the original vin number back into the full new RHD bulkhead to keep the original USA HLS identity. So for the avoidance of doubt, this is not a plate welded onto a LHD bulkhead, it is a full complete RHD bulkhead install so that under the bonnet it looks identical to a RHD car.

At the same time as the RHD conversion I also became hooked on the idea of a GTR conversion. I wanted a totally original looking 240z sleeper with stellar performance. Lots of dreamers start these conversions but very very few are ever completed.

Sourcing the GTR engine was a hard task as many of them have been highly modified and then blown up. They are extremely expensive to rebuild and so you really cannot afford to buy one that has been abused. My first engine was one of these abused engines and a total waste of money. My second engine was a more well researched purchase. I bought the engine out of an R33 low mileage unmodified Japanese GTR that had been badly rolled. Today they would probably have repaired it but I was a lucky man back then as good GTR engines are as rare as hens teeth. The chassis number of the donor vehicle was BCNR33 007721. The speedo showed that it had covered only 32,000 miles from new. I have lots of photos of all this. It has been set up, mapped and maintained ever since by Rod Bell of RB Motorsport in Ormskirk. They are world renown Skyline Specialists. Feel free to give him a call and check out the engine with him, but only if you are seriously interested as he is a busy man. I have resisted the temptation to modify the engine or manually adjust the boost and I have run it totally stock except for the Apexi FC Power Controller which Rod has mapped and which is another one of those parts that is no longer available. Something else that may interest you is that I have always had the rev limiter set to 8,000rpm rather than the factory 9,000rpm just so I go easy on the engine because there is more than enough power as you will see.

This conversion is now complete and the headline specs of the conversion are as follows:-

Nissan Skyline GTR RB26DETT 2.6L Twin Turbo engine
Nissan Skyline GTST RB25 5 Speed Gearbox
Nissmo Oil Pump Fitted
Nissmo Waterpump Fitted
Tomi Fuel Pressure Valve Fitted
High Performance Plug Coils
Apexi FC Power Controller Installed
Modified Prop Shaft
Nissan R200 Differential fitted with Limited Slip Differential
Solid Diff Mount
Uprated Rear Half Shafts
Uprated Datsun 280z Rear Hubs
Polybush Master Kit
Uprated Brakes
Stainless Steel Exhaust
Slash Cut Twin Exhaust Tail Pipes
Skyline GTR fuel system fitted inside the 240z fuel tank
Uprated Front & Rear antiroll bars
Tecno Toys control arms
Tokico adjustable dual dampers all round
and loads of other stuff that I cannot even remember

In addition, full length rally style frame rails were fitted together with front and rear strut braces to help stiffen up the shell.

If the above all sounds a simple job then trust me, it really isn't.

In terms of mileage since the install, the car has covered an average of less than 50 miles each year.

In terms of performance, the engine has been mapped to the amount of grip available at the wheels. All I would say is that performance is immediate. The theoretical top speed is 209mph and once you drive the car you will realise that it will take you there if you keep your foot down - which I in no way advise. The current tyres are not rated to this speed and could well blow out before you get there!

It is a road tax exempt car and my annual insurance, fully comp with all mods declared, costs me around 300.

You just cannot put a value on the many hundreds of hours that I have spent working on it, tracking down parts or researching etc but make no mistake, this is a very special car that is the result of many years of hard work.

In case you are interested, the asking price of this car will nowhere near get me back what I have spent on it.

The GTR conversion is not a one way conversion however and the car could be converted back to standard with the correct Z gearbox and engine etc.

I could of course go on and on but I will stop here and say that if you are genuinely interested and want to view the car or if you have any specific questions then get in touch on 07957 887 994. Overseas buyers call using 0044 7957 887994.

Genuine overseas buyers are welcome and I will help you with shipping arrangements and transport to Liverpool Docks if needed.

Once again, I will not entertain any complaint about this car from anyone who buys it without viewing it in person. It is sold as seen and without any warranty whatsoever either express or implied.

All buyers - please note that this car isn't going anywhere until your funds have fully cleared to my satisfaction.

Oh yes, scammers, I can smell you a mile off. You are on an oil rig and your representative is coming etc - please save us both the time and don't bother.