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The Gaylord was an automobile manufactured in Gaylord, Michigan by the Gaylord Motor Car Company from 1911-12. The 1955-1956 Gaylord two door coupe was am American Automobile that offered luxury car refinements and sports car performance.

The vehicles were built in many different styles, from a convertible four-seater private car, to a utility vehicle with rear space for package or goods. It used a four-cylinder OHV engine of 30/35 hp and was shaft driven.

The final remaining Gaylord, has been fully restored, is owned by, and is on display in the city hall of its namesake, Gaylord, Michigan.

Gaylord Car Ltd. was formed by James and Edward Gaylord. Their father invented the bobby pin and they wanted to built the ultimate personal luxury performance car. The Gaylord was designed by Broke Stevens and German coachbuilder Herman Spohn.

1955 Gaylord

In 1955 the goal was to produced 25 Gaylord's each year with a selling price of $10,000.00. The first Gaylord was shown at the 1955 Paris auto show. Egyptian King Farouk and actor Dick Powell were the first owners of the 1955 Gaylord.

1956 Gaylord Sport Coupe

The Gaylord sports coupe featured an innovative retractable hardtop. The top retracted into the trunk. The first Gaylord's were equipped with a 365 cubic inch 305 horsepower Chrysler V8 engine and a Hydra-Matic four speed transmission. In 1956 some Gaylord's were equipped with Cadillac engines and were displayed at the 1956 New York auto show.

1956 Gaylord

The chassis had independet front suspension by coil springs, tube shocks. Rear suspension was by live axle, coil springs and tube shocks. Drum brakes were on all four wheels. By 1956 the price tag was $17,500.00 and only a few were made in 1955 and 1956.



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