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Real Life, Ex Anti-Terrorist Officer Reveals Stealth Driving Techniques & Evasion Tactics That Saved His Life

Secrets The Security Services Prefer to Keep to Themselves…Drive Like a Spy!

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Real Life, Ex Anti-Terrorist Officer Reveals Stealth Driving Techniques & Evasion Tactics That Saved His Life

Secrets The Security Services Prefer to Keep to Themselves…Drive Like a Spy!

About The Protector

From humble beginnings as a naive bobby on the street, The Protector worked his way through the ranks becoming a pivotal figure in combating some of the world’s most active and dangerous terrorist and paramilitary organisations. His work brought him directly in the cross hairs of the people he was sent to apprehend, so honed evasion skills were literally a matter of life and death.

He had a particular talent for being in the right place at the right time cutting down the enemy at its core.

Millions of citizens slept soundly because The Protector didn’t!

His talents did not go unnoticed by ‘the bosses’ and he was hand-picked for numerous special assignments.

He managed surveillance and counter surveillance in Northern Ireland in the early eighties, a frightening and dangerous place for a British serviceman.

He protected the likes of Margaret Thatcher, members of the Royal Family most notably Diana. He was the personal Protector of people so important that if his was not at the very peak of his game and the enemy had succeeded, the world would have been a very different place.

The Protector was finally retired after being run over by the very terrorist organisation he had, for so many years, hounded.

The Protector has so many secrets to tell but he’s gagged by The Official Secrets Act and now lives a quite life in the shadows with his family.

BUT… Stealth Driving is something he can talk about and in this extensive and revealing manual, he spills the beans.

Now most readers will not be not planning to go to Somalia or Afghanistan but there is so much that we can learn from the extensive training The Protector undertook that this manual will keep you safe in today’s urban jungle.

From road rage to surveillance, from tactical driving all the way to hijacking and personal safety … it’s all here.

What would you do?…

It’s 10.00 pm on an icy cold November night and you’re driving home along a deserted country road. As you look in your rear view mirror you see two pin-prick headlights in the distance. You think nothing of it.

As the road narrows further into little more than a single carriageway, three loud and long blasts on a car horn snap you out of auto-pilot mode. The tiny pin-pricks have become a single mass of blinding light.

He’s behind you now – right behind you – full beam flashing wildly on and off.

He wants you out of the way, and as his front bumper makes contact with the rear of your car you realise that he doesn’t care how he does it.

As you glance at your children asleep in the back seat you start to panic. The road is narrow, there are trees on either side and you’ve got some maniac on your tail. You start to fear for your lives…

Couldn’t happen to you? Don’t believe it!

Our roads are becoming more and more like a battle zone by the day. And it’s easy to see why…

There are more and more drivers fighting for the same amount of road space. Greater congestion leads to increased frustration, and it’s sometimes difficult for even the most placid of us to remain calm. But with millions of people holding a valid licence can you even begin to imagine the number of cranks, armed nut cases and downright dangerous people who are legally in charge of potentially deadly vehicles on our roads?

And now they’re frustrated… and in a hurry!!

Hardly a day goes by without some tale of ‘road rage’ making the headlines. Most incidents aren’t even reported to the police. In a recent survey, over 40% of drivers said they’d been involved in a road rage incident in the last 12 months. Very few were equipped to deal with it. Many were traumatized.

So how do you survive and fight back?

Certain organisations have always had to take account of the fact that many of the people they encounter on the roads will be aggressive, uncooperative and potentially dangerous. For this reason, police officers, private investigators, military personnel and private security drivers (bodyguards) have always undergone specialist training.

And now, for the rest of us it’s become clear that the skills and techniques we learned to pass our driving test simply aren’t good enough. What’s needed is a new approach which recognises that not everyone on the road will be playing by the rules. Not everyone is sane!

Then there’s the growing problem of Car-Jacking

Would you know what to do if you were sitting at a road junction and a car thief hammered on the window shouting at you to get out? This is car-jacking.

You haven’t the training given to “special forces” driving experts in evasive driving techniques.

But you are now suddenly, acutely aware of just how violent this form of car theft really is.

Not surprisingly, the criminal fraternity have broadened their tools of the trade and car-jacking is the name of the game for a quick buck – often as a first step to another crime.

And while they’ve a taste for cars at the top end of the market – the reality is that almost any kind of vehicle will do.

Just for kicks

They will go for your car either just for fun or to feed the multi-million pound racket that could see your car destined for Eastern Europe or Africa – they don’t care.

Car-jacking is an opportunist crime, usually being committed by a thief searching for easy pickings.

Young people can often see it as a rite of passage – a status symbol or just a thrill for joy-riding.

With the prevalence of sophisticated car alarms and anti-theft devices, the car thief has had to think of different ways to get his prize – car jacking is a relatively soft target.

Cars, especially luxury ones, provide quick cash for drug users and other criminals, so the street corner or traffic lights can very much be seen as their patch.


Judith St Claire was lucky to get away with minor injuries

She had her Mercedes keys taken from her as she got into her car – but she was determined not to let her vehicle go without a fight.

Her persistence paid off – her attackers fled without her car – but there are dozens of others who have similar stories to tell.

Car salesman Paul Burnyeat had the ignominy of being booted out of a car after going on a test drive – the tales are endless.

The ‘bump’ method

We are under a legal obligation to report any accident that involves a car. So car thieves have tried the “bump” car jack.

This ploy is where the car thief will drive gently into the back of your car, sometimes when on the move, which obliges you to pull over to “exchange details”. This is when the thief will attack.

And while it’s just a “lump of metal” that can be replaced, there are some commonsense actions to take to reduce the risk of attack and loss of your car.

The Answer is Stealth Driving

The Protector has combined the very latest techniques employed by police, military and security services trained drivers, ‘Stealth Driving Tactics’ will take your road skills to a new dimension, protecting you from the ‘bad guys’ while giving you a whole new sense of satisfaction from your day to day driving.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to ‘control’ other drivers so that they’ll do precisely what you want.
  • How to make faster progress on busy roads, and not fall foul of the law
  • Where, and how, you can afford to bend the rules.
  • How to avoid a road rage attack or fight back if the worst happens.
  • How to lose someone tailing you quickly and safely.
  • How to deal effectively with aggressive driving by other road users.
  • How to use advanced handling techniques to make fast, safe and effective progress.
  • A revolutionary braking technique developed by Formula One racing drivers and taught at the FBI training centre in Quantico, Virginia… which makes ABS virtually obsolete.
  • The four key steps to anticipating and avoiding a potential hijack or ambush situation.
  • How to deal with an armed attack on the road
  • How to always leave yourself an escape route, whatever the threat.
  • What to do if an assailant gets into your car.
  • Extreme solutions to dangerous situations … when all else fails!
  • How to check out your vehicle for tampering or sabotage – and the steps you should take to prevent it happening.

Avoiding potentially life threatening situations on the road is only one aspect of Stealth Driving. Many law enforcement, security and military professionals use the car as a tool of the trade – to gather information and carry out surveillance . Through ‘Stealth Driving Techniques’ you’ll learn the insider secrets of car surveillance and information gathering techniques too, including:

  • How to choose a covert surveillance vehicle … the very best vehicle to use.
  • How to customise a purpose-built surveillance car.
  • How to ‘tail’ a target, without being seen … the 10 big mistakes made by amateurs, and how to avoid them.
  • How to gain video and photographic evidence from your vehicle.

The professionals have kept Stealth Driving Techniques to themselves until now, and with good reason. They give them an all important edge when dealing with aggressive, reckless drivers – people with serious criminal intent.

Now the time has come where every driver needs access to these techniques. Perhaps – God willing – you’ll never need to use them. But far better to have the knowledge and never use it, than to not have the knowledge and one day desperately wish that you had.

The information in ‘Stealth Driving Tactics’ has never been revealed to the general public before, and is not available in any book shop or from any other source. It has been written and prepared specifically for the conditions and situations we face on the road.

So why stay vulnerable for a moment longer?


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