Bratton Coachworks

Bratton Coachworks, 1980s; Dallas, Texas. Manufactured on the Buick and Oldsmobile wagon extended chassis, Bratton coaches were intended to give an economical option to those directors who wanted a new hearse, but weren't able or willing to pay the price of a Cadillac.

Brantford Carriage Company

Brantford Carriage Company 1880s-1930s & Brantford Coach & Body Co. 1930s-1960s now Trailmobile - Brantford, Ontario, Canada (aka Canada Body & Carriage Co. Ltd.)

Boyertown Body Works

Boyertown Carriage Works, Ltd., 1911-1926; Boyertown Auto Body Works, 1926-1990; Boyertown Body and Equipment Co., 1945-1990;  Boyertown, Pennsylvania (branches in Philadelphia and West Pittston, Pennsylvania)

Baily & Bowne

Baily & Bowne (and its successor, Bowne & Bowne) was a small Utica, New York commercial body builder that manufactured small numbers of truck bodies for businesses and municipalities located in and around New York State's Oneida and Herkimer Counties.


LeBaron Incorporated (originally LeBaron, Carrossiers Inc.) was a design and coach building company from 1920 until 1953.


Fleetwood Metal Body was an automobile coachbuilder.

Fisher Body

Fisher Body was an automobile coachbuilder founded by the Fisher brothers in 1908 in Detroit, Michigan.


Brewster & Company was an American coachbuilder, active from 1810 to 1937.

James Young

James Young Ltd was a British coachbuilding company. The business was started in 1863 in London Road, Bromley. originally producing horsedrawn carriages.

William Vincent

William Vincent Ltd., often known as Vincent of Reading, was a British coachbuilder founded in 1805 making carriages but in 1899 they made their first car body and later made bodies for commercial vehicles.