A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Quality Used Car

Buying a quality used car can be difficult unless you know what to look for.

Don’t Pay Cash For A Used Car: The Benefits and Considerations

Research from the team behind the AA Car Data Check reveals that 20%* of used car buyers would pay three quarters of the value of a car in cash to secure a potential dream purchase.

8 things to Look For When Buying a Used Car

With the value of cars depreciating so quickly, buying a used car can represent good value for money. But make sure you do your homework.

QuickTips: Car Documentation Inspection

Ask to see the vehicle registration document. This allows you to check that the last registered keeper and the car identity details are correct.

Everything you need to know About Buying Cherished Number Plates

Cherished number plates are very popular and several companies now offer dedicated sites for their auction mostly online. However, the biggest and by far the best is the DVLA.

7 great tips when buying your next van

Much like the used car buying process, there are many pitfalls that await you unless you are savvy about buying a used van.

Check V5C Registration Certificate when Buying a Used Vehicle

DVLA is warning motorists to check the V5C registration certificate when buying a used vehicle.

DVLA Tips on Buying a Used Vehicle

There are many stolen vehicles that are ‘disguised’ to make you believe you are buying the correct make and model.

6 top Tips to selling your car on eBay motors

There is an increasing trend for people to sell their car on eBay motors, rather than going the traditional route of putting an ad in a trade magazine.

What can I do to get my newly purchased car repaired? Your Rights

What steps you can take if your car dealer has offered to repair your car, has already attempted to fix it or is refusing to repair your vehicle.