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Fri, Oct 16, 2020 2:50 AM

Ahead of the 60th anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type in 2021, E-Type UK is pleased to offer this extremely early Series 1 that perfectly exemplifies the fascinating developments hidden with the first E-type design – Chassis 875407.

Chassis 407 is the 407th left-hand-drive roadster to have rolled off the production line, and the 21st model built after the final outside bonnet locker E-type. Today seen finished in a heritage correct Opalescent Gunmetal over Red interior with French Grey hood, fully restored, this early Series 1 E-Type retains the same beautiful shine that it did when it rolled off the production line in August 1961.

What makes Chassis 407 so desirable is the level of early and original features, which include flat floors, spot welded-in louvers, two-piece door skins, correct double hinges and single drain hole of the boot, the extremely sought after Butlers number plate lights and of course the pumpkin-colored cylinder head. So significant is this E-Type, that it is frequently referred to in the ‘Jaguar E-type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide’ by Dr. Haddock & Dr Mueller, a well-known E-Type bible for true enthusiasts.

From new, it was exported to Jaguar Cars in New York before being sold to an owner in Ohio and is believed to have spent the next 45 years in the Mid-West, including a full restoration by its owner in 1981. Completed with input from Jaguar Cars, including original factory records, the car was returned to as-new condition.

A later trip to Dubai to what was registered to be the third owner in 2015, saw the E-type treated to a full strip-down of the chassis to bring new life to the heritage combination of Opalescent Gunmetal, red interior and French Grey mohair hood.

Whilst maintaining the breathtaking red leather interior – adding originality to the vehicle – the Series 1 also underwent several reliability upgrades, including a new aluminum radiator and power steering, adding a new level of drivability to this stunning vehicle.

Complete with its original 3.8L straight-six – one of the most iconic engines of all time –, this ultimate driving machine combines classic performance with modern upgrades for a truly memorable driving experience.

E-Type UK Founder, Marcus Holland said: “This is a fine example of an early Series 1 E-Type that has been incredibly well maintained by each of its owners. As we enter a very important anniversary year for the E-Type, it’s a real privilege to have Chassis 407 in our showroom. These early E-Types are very nearly the purest translation of the original engineers’ and designers’ vision, and they hold a very important place in automotive history.”

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Founded in 2008, E-Type UK is one of the leading authorities for sales, restoration, maintenance and upgrades for the iconic Jaguar E-Type, earning a stellar reputation for the attention to detail and precision of its work as well as the approachable and professional nature of its team.

E-Type UK was born out of passion for a truly iconic car that it wanted to see return to its former glory. Thanks to its knowledgeable, skilled and committed workforce, the company has moved from strength to strength and now prides itself on providing the ultimate E-Type experience.

Under the control of father and son duo Dominic and Marcus Holland, E-Type UK has single-model expertise – all of E-Type UK’s work is performed on the E-Type alone, allowing it to be innovative and push the boundaries.

The company specialises in E-Type upgrades, including pioneering V12 and XK fuel-injection systems, as well as five-speed gearboxes. These are just two ways E-Type UK is able to add something extra special and completely unique to the driving experience while retaining originality and remaining true to the marque.

Thanks to E-Type UK’s outstanding reputation, it’s been able to build strong global connections all centered around its main priority: the customer. Its 15-strong team is made up of personable and approachable individuals, with the exemplary levels of dedication, knowledge and professionalism you’d expect from E-Type.

Staff members have won countless awards for their restoration work – including at Salon Privé and Villa d’Este concours events – owned the legendary E-Type themselves and are truly passionate about all classic cars. Between them, the team has decades upon decades of experience at the highest level of classic restoration and maintenance.

E-Type UK offers immaculately restored cars with the perfectionist touch the company has become famous for. It’s also among the digital leaders in the classic car world, adding modern content to a vintage world with a series of engaging videos on its cars and processes.

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