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Mon, Apr 20, 2020 10:24 PM

Top Benefits of Using Car Wraps for Promoting Your Small Business

All of us have seen trucks, vans, and cars wrapped with colorful and attractive advertisements, particularly that of local businesses using them to deliver goods or attend to service calls. If you are a small business, you may have been wondering whether it is a worthwhile investment for getting additional publicity. A quick look at how they work and the top benefits:

Car Wraps Explained

A vehicle wrap is a mobile billboard using digitally printed graphics. The advertisement graphics are designed by professionals on graphic design software, following which; they are printed on vinyl, thin synthetic material with adhesive on the back. This vinyl is pasted on the vehicle by experts. Vehicle wraps can either cover the full vehicle, including the windows or a partial one that is pasted on just the body.

Benefits of Using a Vehicle Wrap

Grab attention: Attractive brightly colored vehicle wraps can make your company vehicles stand out in the traffic and make people aware of your business. It is evident that the rest of the people on the road will take more notice of a van decorated with an attractive wrap than a plain white vehicle. According to, advertising in the highest-performing seasons will work the best if you are selling seasonal items.

Expand your audience: Depending on the number of vehicles your business has and the geographical area they cover as well as the frequency of their travel on the roads, it is possible to catch the attention of thousands of people in a very short period. Your vehicle decorated with custom vinyl car wraps becomes a traveling billboard that can potentially reach a very large base of target audience at a cost lower than other advertising methods.

Non-Intrusive advertising: Vehicle wraps also score over conventional television advertising because paying attention to them is optional, unlike electronic ads that interrupt whatever the audience has been focusing on. Since vehicle advertising does not disturb the potential customers’ attention, they register better, especially when they are looking out for the products and services being advertised. Vehicle wraps avoid the in-your-face stance that is a big turn-off for many customers who do not like to be pushed into buying something they do not want.

Mobility: Among the biggest advantages of vehicle wrap advertising is that accessing potential customers is far easier because the vehicles are moving all over the place and unlike conventional advertising do not have to be displayed in particular time slots. Since the vehicle movement is far more random, more potential customers can be exposed to the advertisements.


Unlike conventional print or TV advertising, advertising through vehicle wraps has no significant downsides. Since no extra cost is incurred on placing the advertisement apart from designing, printing, and installing the wraps on the vehicles, it is very cost-effective. The displays can also be changed as frequently as you like without any lead times that apply in other advertising channels. Further, businesses can scale up the number of vehicles as per their budget and do not need to display on a minimum number of vehicles.

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