Car Buyers Guide. The essential questions to ask on the phone when buying a used car

GAUK Motors used car buyer’s guide is probably the most comprehensive guide to buying a secondhand motor ever written

The essential used car buyers guide to car salesman Tradespeak

Compiled with the help of police, car buying professionals, and even ex-car criminals

The BIG Glossary of Car Advertising Terms

Comprehensive list of the abbreviations and their meanings used in car adverts

How to Avoid Accident Damage Motors When Buying a Used Car

Most cars will have some sort of knock during it’s life, this is a normal part of driving on today’s roads. The problem arises when you’re sold a motor that has been in a bad accident

How to Avoid Mileage Adjustment Fraud When Buying a Used Car

One of the most common car crimes these days is that of winding back the odometer on a high mileage car – ‘clocking’ in the trade. GAUK Motors have researched thoroughly the art of mileage adjustment by talking to those in the know.

Used Car Bill of Sale Template free download

Bill of sale template, free to use and download

GAUK Motors Used Car Buyers Guide Guide Talk You Through Check List

A comprehensive guide to buying a used vehicle when on the viewing

Essential tools to take when viewing a second hand vehicle

The is extremely comprehensive. If you are not familiar with engines take someone who is competent enough to complete the checks with you.

GAUK Motors Guide :: Mileage Reading Declaration Template

Use this free template when buying a used car to declare that the odometer reading is correct

6 great tips to you help spot a clocked car and avoid being conned

If you’ve never heard the term before, it’s when a crafty seller tinkers with the odometer to make it look as though a car has covered fewer miles, which increases its value.